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DAX function "RELATED" does not work between DirectQuery and Import tables.

When using the DAX function "RELATED" to add a new column from an Imported table to a DirectQuery table, I receive an error. This error does not occur if both tables are using DirectQuery.

Column: SampleColumn = RELATED(ImportTable[Column])

Error: "The column 'ImportTable[Column]' either doesn't exist or doesn't have a relationship to any table available in the current context."

Relationship: DirectQueryTable[SampleKey] (many) has a relationship with ImportTable[SampleKey] (one)

Cardinality = Many to One (*:1)

Cross filter direction = Both

Make this relationship active = Checked


Note: When creating the column using "RELATED" in the DirectQueryTable table, ImportTable shows up as a suggestion.

Status: Accepted
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It seems that the issue still exists. Any news @?

Regular Visitor

I was able to get around this issue by using direct query on both tables for the last 2 years, then with the July release, all of the sudden, I began getting this issue.

Community Support

@whQBE ,


This issue has been fixed currently.



Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor

@v-yuta-msft Issue still exists today when using related() between two direct query tables.

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The issue still persists. Tried DQ to DQ and DQ to Loaded - none works. Please fix this. 

Regular Visitor

With DQ to DQ, I worked around by moving the columns from other queries into the query I was using the RELATED formula on, leveraging the SQL DB I was querying instead of Power BI/DAX. But would still appreciate if this was fixed.

Regular Visitor

Confirmed with MS support team yesterday that the Related() function still works in July release but is not working in August release. They are escalating to product team for resolution. My work around was uninstalling August and reinstalling July release to restore functionality until permanant fix is available.

Not applicable

Same issue: in my case it's between a DirectQuery table and Import table.

Frequent Visitor

Confirm same error, PBI desktop, Version: 2.87.1061.0 64-bit (November 2020)

New Member

Same error between DQ and Imported tables. Any updates @v-qiuyu-msft ? Many thanks.