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DAX function "RELATED" does not work between DirectQuery and Import tables.

When using the DAX function "RELATED" to add a new column from an Imported table to a DirectQuery table, I receive an error. This error does not occur if both tables are using DirectQuery.

Column: SampleColumn = RELATED(ImportTable[Column])

Error: "The column 'ImportTable[Column]' either doesn't exist or doesn't have a relationship to any table available in the current context."

Relationship: DirectQueryTable[SampleKey] (many) has a relationship with ImportTable[SampleKey] (one)

Cardinality = Many to One (*:1)

Cross filter direction = Both

Make this relationship active = Checked


Note: When creating the column using "RELATED" in the DirectQueryTable table, ImportTable shows up as a suggestion.

Status: Accepted
Regular Visitor

+1 with the same error. Any updates????

Not applicable

Also experiencing this same issue - took me a while to figure out it was the query table settings! Bit of a flaw really - nothing in the documentation about this...Please can you update this?



Regular Visitor

Same issue here, please fix as soon as possible.

Frequent Visitor


Still the issue persists. Any update on the solution. 

Frequent Visitor

Just hit this same issue myself. Any update would be appreciated

Helper I

I am also facing same issue. Using direct query for the fact table having more than 290+ milliion records whereas other dimension tables which are imported are having just few thousands records. Now I need to create couple of measures with keeping filter from dimension tables. 


Please update on fix.

Helper I

Let's join the bandwagon. Also hoping for a fix.

Helper I

I am facing the same issue. I've been using SUMX and LOOKUPVALUE as a workaround. Hope this gets fixed soon

Helper II
Helper II
@vicente-iii I have a lot of date and text data, so any kind of sum won't work. But how are you using LOOKUPVALUE to get what you need? Can you please give an example?
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@sp8 I don't know if this will work for you but sharing just in case: