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Custom visuals (R) background color

Hello everyone!


I'm creating a real-time dashboard with a custom R visual for a client. They prefer a darker background color for their dashboard and visuals. I'm able to change all the colors on the OOTB visuals, but my Rscript visuals must have a will of their own. 

I changed all the available (theme) color settings for the dashboard on the service, there is still a line on top and on the bottom of the visual:

  • ServiceService

All the color related settings on the Desktop version are changed, but the lines on top and on the bottom are still there:

  • DesktopDesktop

This is what my visual looks like in the Rscript IDE. No extra lines...

  • Rscript IDERscript IDE

A possible solution is to make the dasbhoard background white again, but that would not solve this underlying issue (and would be against my clients wishes). 

Does anyone have other suggestions?


Thanks in advance.



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Community Support

Hi @ZeDe


Is it possible for you to share pbix file with us? If it is, please remove sensitive data in your report, upload pbix file to your OneDrive, paste the share link here. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Frequent Visitor

Hello @v-qiuyu-msft, thanks for the response . 


I've uploaded the pbix file to OneDrive as requested:!AhrDjYQ0b_Aak2W-9KovspCchwYE?e=mulje7

Everything, except for the R visual, has been removed from the report. I have also added a second visual to illustrate the issue. When resizing the visual in PBI, an extra (white-colored) padding/margin is added to the area. I'm unable to change the color of this padding.

R visual, extra paddingR visual, extra padding