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Create Line Charts with percentage of of column Total

In the matrix the data reads as % of Column Total.




But in a Line Chart the data converts to % of Grand Total 




How do I Use % of Column Total in a Line Chart. Do note my field used here is not numerical field - I need to use Count of field / Sum of the field for a specific month and represent that data month wise. 

App field contains App used & Month has data in which month the app was used. 


Created this measure but it doesnt help


Pct of App =
CALCULATE( COUNTA(Video[app]), ALL (Video[app])
) )


Look forward to a response on this one as nothing seems to work. 

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You may refer to the posts below. 

By the way, If you have any other question about data shaping, modeling, and report building in the Power BI Desktop app, feel free to post a new message in Desktop forum.

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Thanks for the Reply. 
But my values are not numeric - like Sales or Price. They are based on count. 
SO the Sum function will not work.