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Can't Click Quick Measures OK Button

I have observed an issue with Quick Measures for some users.  Specifially today

  • March 2018 version of Desktop
  • screen resolution 2560 x 1440
  • Windows Task Bar set so it doesn't auto hide

When Adding a quick measure, the OK button is hidden behind the task bar.

Status: Needs Info
Regular Visitor

How long does it take MS to fix this basic bug?


Advocate I


I was able to solve this issue with the display setting changes you recommended. Thank you!

New Member

I got the same issue myself creating quick measures.  And it didn't help even if I move the toolbar tothe left of the screen.  The easiest way is to use 'tab' key to move the cursor on the screen, when it hit the last item in the right side, it will jump to 'OK' button and show the 'OK' & 'Cancel' button.

To make it quicker, you may just click on the the last item in the right side, then hit 'tab' key.  It will bring you to the 'OK' button.


Hidden OK button-1.pngHidden OK button-2.png

New Member

Hi all, I am trying to setup a function to page navigation but Power BI isn't allowing to setup a Quick Measure to select the pages. Can someone help?