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Can Not Expand Data Fields Pane or Visualization Pane in the Power BI Service

It seems a recent update to the Power BI Service has a bug in it. We can no longer expand the Data Fields or Visualization pane when editing a report in the PBI Service. We have tried in Chrome and Edge with the same results. Please fix soon!

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I just received an email from Microsoft that the ETA for a fix is August 5th.

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Having the same issue. Tried the above fix but that doesn't seem to work either. Any other ideas? This is crazy unworkable...

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The ETA for the bug fix is August 5th.

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I ran across a post in the Service section questioning why Microsoft would restrict the length of the Field Names. I can confirm that I am also experiencing the issue. Generally, when editing a report or building a report, you could extend the list of field/measure names to choose the appropriate one for use in the visual. The double headed arrow still appears but when I click and drag, nothing happens. 

Has anyone else noticed this issue?
Using Chrome.

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I'm fairly new to PBI. Please help me with greater detail.


In my organisation, we need to measure people's (across Australia) contribution. In order to do that we are capturing all task that they are completing on a daily basis. Each different task has allocated different time to it. In order to obtain their contribution, "Total time to complete all task" would be our Numerator.

In order to calculate contribution, we are require to know their capacity as well. A full time employee is working 7.5 hours a day. However we need to exclude all leaves (annual leave, sick leave), all public holidays and weekends. Capacity would be our Denominator.


Current Process:

Currently we have calculated a flat % of all leaves and weekend portion and bring employee's working commitment down from 100% to say 60%! This 60% is then applied to their full capacity (7.5 hours) which brings their full time capacity for a day down to 4.5 hours for a day!


Current process Example: 

(A) Measure to calculate capacity =

CALCULATE(sum(Date_Tbl[IfWorkday]))*SUM(Employee[60% of Full Capacity])
(B) Measure to sum total time spent on tasks = 
CALCULATE(SUM('TBL SRs'[Timing(mins)]),'TBL SRs'[Task Name] = "Changing Client Details")
Measure to get contribution = DIVID(A,B,0)


Above percentage calculation is based on a full year. However the issue is when management is looking at a quarter or even a month data how their staff is performing is not giving them an accurate picture as if we take a month example, there is not all public holiday falls within that month or not all leaves have been taken into that month and not all weekends (52) falls into that one month! So looking at month or even quarter level view is not an ideal with this calculation as it's not flexible enough! I have a date table with column called "IsWorkDay" (value 0 or 1), to pick if a given date is a weekday or weekend? I can incorporate public holiday in the same way but people sometime works on the weekends (obviously they are not oblige to do so) and completed their task during weekend, this will not capture as part of their total effort as the system date stamp whenever they complete the task!


Desire solution:

I would like to consider all leaves, holidays and weekends to calculate their capacity but would like to include all works that has completed even they are not at work!


Sorry for long post but I though providing more detail would give greater understanding of the issue which leads to a quick solution!


Looking forward to getting help on this.







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You will need to move this into a forum for assistance on this particular problem.

Until then then, I would suggest looking at your fact table and completing a distinct count of days there instead of doing all of the calculations for dates in the date dimension table. If an employee worked, there should be daily data in the fact table that can be used in place of a calculation based upon a calendar table.

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Has this been resolved for other users? I'm still experiencing this and it's incredibly frustrating. Building reports in Power BI Service is taking me so much longer because I can't widen the Field Pane. What's the ETA?

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We can still not expand data fields pane or visualization pane in the Power BI Service.

Only 16 characters of a field name are visible in the Power BI Service.

As I read in the Microsoft Power BI community support chat this issue has been imported internally in Power BI Support on 07-22-2019  (ICM: 134314502). But it is already the end of 2021 and still we are facing the same problem.

How can I find out (at least) the number of this bug registered at Microsoft for this issue?

Also: is there still a plan to fix it?