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Bug/Issue: Map Visual blank on report page after adding values for display in Desktop.

I'm having an issue with the base map visual - it doesn't display any location/value combinations even though I have tried several times in the file (deleted and re-added visual to page). I also noticed that some other people have had this issue and I have made sure that my PBI desktop is updated to the latest release -  I uninstalled the Sept 2021 release and then installed the October 2021 version. I tried the October 2021 release and again no success



I also saw in my Pro account that I needed to update my personal on-premises gateway application - which I did.
After that, I then re-opened my PBIX file, removed the map visual, dragged it back onto the page and tried it again. No success.
I'm simply at a lost as to how to get this damned visual to work. If I use the basic ESRI map, then I can get my data to visualize. But for this instance, I need to follow the class project rules and use this specific visual. All it seems to do is to display a blank visual with the default title. any advice or help would be very helpful !! It used to work just fine earlier this year with no issue (at least for myself).


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What’s the detailed issue situation you are facing with? It can be better if you can explain this issue in detail.

What’s more, would you like to post a download link of the pbix file with this issue without the sensitive data if it’s pssible and we can help you to check if it’s an existing issue in the Power BI?


You can refer to this link first: 


I also suggest you to make sure you have updated to the latest version of the Power BI desktop.


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating
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Hi ,
I'm currently on the latest Power BI desktop app version (see above). However, I do download from the Power BI site versus the store if that makes a difference. And yes, I can provide you a link to the file itself. It's a class file , so the data is not sensitive.

In the PBIX file, there is a page called base_map where I have started to work on a map visual as part of a class assignment. I clicked on the map visual (globe icon - I call it the base map ) and added state and city values for location and units for size. All I get is a blank image. No error message or code. On the page, I turned on the border so you can see what I am experiencing. See attached screenshot.


I have posted the file here for reference :

One other thing, I was able to get it to work in an older file (built on an old release) that had geography data in it. And my AV/Security software provider is one that I have used for several years and had no issue in prior years getting that map visual to work.




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Hi v-robertq-msft,

further update: after I shared the file with you, I re-opened the file and the visual worked on my laptop! I did no changes to the file nor any environmental settings on my laptop. The only steps I took was to create a folder called "Shared", did a save as command to save my working file into it (using a new name), closed the file and then shared the file link as noted above for you. After I posted the above note, I re-opened the file, (shared version), the map visual worked and I was able to see the values presented on the US map as expected. I don't understand as I had downloaded and saved the file to a separate folder on my laptop from my class site.  I went back to the original file and it opened up with no image - UNTIL I had to share it with a class mentor. Once I sent that individual the link to the original file, I reopened the original file and the visual works like normal. This is strange behavior and I've used Power BI for some years now especially the map visuals. Even stranger since I made no adjustments on my laptop today and my laptop is only behind a personal firewall, not a corporate firewall where access would be more controlled.

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OK, thank you for the further response!

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Hi v-robertq-msft,
Just another update : I recently upgraded to Windows 11 and the issue of the blank base map visuals is still there on my unshared files. I've also updated to the latest release of Power BI desktop as well. I did check the files that I shared with others (which the sharing did fix the visual as noted last month) and the visual seems to be working as expected even if it did appear to be sluggish. But for unshared files, it still doesn't visualize any data if I use a release after the Aug/September time frame. I do have a file (found it while cleaning up before the upgrade) that I created from the May/June 2021 time frame and there the base map visual does work without sharing. Not sure how to identify the version it was created under - when I click 'About' in desktop, it simply gives me the latest release info.