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Bug - Export Report in Group

I was trying to use Export-PowerBIReport or Invoke-PowerBIRestMethod to export a Power BI Report (~25MB in size) and I'm getting a 500 internal server error. After reviewing the API documentation ( I see this note:

"As a workaround for fixing timeout issues, you can set preferClientRouting to true.
Large files are downloaded to a temporary blob. Their URL is returned in the response and stored in the locally downloaded PBIX file."


When I add that ({groupId}/reports/{reportId}/export?preferClientRouting=tr...) I get a 403 Forbidden. I'm the Power BI admin on the tenant and I'm an admin on the workspace. The workspace is also not in a large dataset format at the moment.


I've tried this on 3 different tenants, and I am only able to replicate the 403 error on Power BI instances on East 2. On East 2, the workspace can be Pro, Premium Per User, or Premium and I get the same result (403).  On a sovereign tenant the export api call works without issue.


What I have discovered is the redirect URL provided by the API in the 307 response is inaccessible. However, the URL that works via the manual method is at the same host (ex. but at a different endpoint “export/v201606/reports/{Report ID}/pbix”.  This appears to be a bug on a commericial tenant.

Status: Investigating
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Status changed to: Investigating
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@v-chuncz-msft I did, but there appears to be something wrong with the redirect in East 2.  I verified this is not a problem in a sovereign tenant.  More details on my findings are here:

Helper I

It looks like as of Nov. 16th, 2021 the issue does not occur on East 2.

Community Support



It might be a temporary issue. You may check it again later.

New Member

I'm still seeing the same issue for files >100mb as well.

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Is there any news about this error? Do you know from what .pbix size it happens?

Regular Visitor

Hi @kerski , 


Are you still facing this issue? I'm not able to export reports >100 MB either