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Box and Whisker Plot Problem

The number of samples in a Box and Whisker Plot (Jan Pieter) does not match the number of actual samples in the underlying table.

I have a well-documented Visio file that describes the details.

How can I include that file in a post?

This my first post and I am also new to PowerBI.

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You can sent the files directly to me or create an issue at the GitHub repository here: Main reason is that this issue will be closed as it is not a problem with the Power BI itself. Thanks, Jan Pieter
Microsoft Employee

Hi Jan, Thank you.


Hi @CarlosUrbina, please follow Jan's guide. This issue isn't from MS.


Best Regards,


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Thanks for the guidance.

I  found the problem: the implementation ignores zero in the calculation of mean and median, probably standard practice.

However, in our case, zero is a valid value as an MMSE test score.

So how do we include zeros in the samples?