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BUG: Visual Image getting cropped with 'Copy as Image with Caption' option.

There is an issue with 'Copy Image with Caption' option in PowerBI service, where the required visual is getting cropped and not able to see the complete visual in the image generated. 

Attached screenshots of visual and the cropped image obtained from the 'copy visual' option, below:


Visual Screenshot:




Screenshot of visual generated by 'Copy Visual' Option:



Status: Investigating

Hi @kishoree 

I tried to restore the scenario you mentioned but failed . I use the 'Copy Image with Caption' option in PowerBI service, then paste the visual in PPT ,  the final result displayed is the same as before copying. Can you describe your procedure in detail. Does the same situation exist for other visual except the one you mentioned?


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao

New Member

Hi I am still having this issue!! They just fixed the copy image (server is busy problem) and now it's cropping my image. Help anybody? 



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