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BUG - Classic Workspace being created when adding an O365 group to a NEW Workspace

Power BI tenant settings: block classic workspace creation = Enabled.

1- Create an Office 365 group (e.g. "Group Test") and include members. (At this point, no workspace in Power BI). ok
2- Create a NEW workspace, for example: "BI - Test". (At this point, only showing "BI - Test" workspace). ok
3- Go to the "Access" tab and include O365 group "Group Test" as Viewer to the "BI - Test" workspace and this is where the problem occurs. The "Group Test" O365 group appears as a Classic Workspace and now you have 2 workspaces "BI - Test" and "Group Test".

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hi  @rodrigofrmuniz 

This is a known bug where adding an O365 group created outside of Power BI to the access list will end up creating a workspace for the group (and being accessible to group members).


Fix is targeted for 11.5 train



11.5 train is that  for different locations with different deployment times, It's scheduled before December 9th for all locations.




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Thanks @v-lili6-msft !

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I have the same problem - I verified that it is still happening today. Can you advise what 11.5 train refers to @v-lili6-msft ?

Or where I can see the bug list?