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Avoid Certain Data Color when a Chart is Refreshed

I am using a Ring Chart to show a count of Process Impacts effecting a group of projects.  As more Process Impacts are added to the data, the chart updates with those new Impacts and assigns new default colors.  That is all fine expect that I want to avoid a certain color from ever being used when my charts are refreshed with updated data.  Adding a function to either "lock" a set of colors to be used or specify a color(s) to not be used, would be very helpful on 'count' visuals that will change on refresh. 


If anyone has a suggestion for a different visual to use, for my particular situation, I would love to hear it.


PBI Color Default.PNG

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Hi @Leeny127,


Since it's a visual from the third party, I would suggest you contact the author here.


Best Regards,


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