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ArcGIS not working in desktop

The ArcGIS map visual was working fine yesterday but now it doesn´t even load, it just appears blank (neither the Esri logo nor the loading bars appear on the visual). I was wondering if there is some solution for this or if it´s just a temporary thing due to some update. 


PS: I have the latest update (May 2017) installed and I`ve already tried clearing my data cache in options and disabling the ArcGIS preview, closing the pbi file and opening it again; Nothing seems to work.

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Same problem here. Blank screen. Started last Monday. Clearing cache won't fix the issue. The maps doesn't load in any computer were PBI is installed.


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Same issue here.  Started yesterday for me.  

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same here...


@alejandrort @DAN @aharper382 @andresionek91


The issue was that the new visual version, updated on Monday, was using API 1.7 which is not yet available in PBI Desktop - it will be available in June release, in a few days. The older build is using API 1.6 which is supported in PBI Desktop May release.

Now the visual's version was reverted and issue should has gone.


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@v-haibl-msft I opened my pbi file, disabled the ArcGIS preview, closed the program, enabled the visual again and still nothing; the visual appears blank. I've also tried reinstalling the latest Power Bi Desktop update and no change. Seems that the ArcGIS visual is still an ongoing problem.
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Dear All,


Same problem here.  My ESRI map will not load in Power BI Desktop.  Tried all steps above and still nothing.  When will the June update be available @v-haibl-msft?  Thanks

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 I had the same problem. This morning I  downloaded the June update from 


The ArcGIS maps generate on my reports now.

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Thank you very much @lhealy!  It seems to be working now!