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App updates from pipeline API no longer working

We have a setup which utilises the Pipeline api to deploy a pipeline and at the same time update the app for the target workspace using the parameter "updateAppInTargetWorkspace". However, since switching to the new app experience, we started getting the following error message: '{"error":{"code":"ALM_InvalidRequest_AppWithAudienceWorkspaceNotSupported","pbi.error":{"code":"ALM_InvalidRequest_AppWithAudienceWorkspaceNotSupported","parameters":{},"details":[],"exceptionCulprit":1}}}'


Is there any plans for the new app experience to have a working api call to update the app?


Best regards

Erik Linder

Status: Delivered

This issue has been fixed.

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @gcerik ,


Regarding the app update, this has been acknowledged as a known issue and the engineers are working hard to fix it, I'll give you feedback here if there are any updates.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

New Member

Thank you for acknowledging Caitlyn. We're also patiently waiting to use the new App audiences in combination with the DevOps deployment. Bookmarking the thread 🙂

New Member

Hi  @ciams, any suggested workaround whilst you are working on the issue ?




Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered

This issue has been fixed.

Helper I

When it will be available at PBI Service? Just tested and got this error:

  "error": {
    "code": "ALM_InvalidRequest_AppWithAudienceWorkspaceNotSupported",
    "pbi.error": {
      "code": "ALM_InvalidRequest_AppWithAudienceWorkspaceNotSupported",
      "parameters": {},
      "details": [],
      "exceptionCulprit": 1
Regular Visitor

Tested again after finding out that it was fixed, but got the same error as before unfortunately.



Resolver II

"500 Internal Server Error" for me when using the below body via PowerShell, can this be reviewed again?...


$body =
                sourceStageOrder = $stageOrder
                datasets = @(
                    @{sourceId = $datasetArtifact.artifactId }
                reports = @(
                    @{sourceId = $reportArtifact.artifactId }

                options = @{

                    allowCreateArtifact = $TRUE

                    allowOverwriteArtifact = $TRUE


                updateAppSettings = @{

                    updateAppInTargetWorkspace = $TRUE
            } | ConvertTo-Json