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Advanced filter for dates is not working properly



There seems to be an issue with the advanced filter option when filtering a date. When I select a date from the date picker, I can simply apply the filter as normal (see screenshot 1). However, once I type the date, or I change anything in the time-section of the filter, the time changes to 1:00, and I am unable to select a.m./p.m, and thus unable to apply the filter, with the "Apply filter" remaining greyed out (see screenshot 2). The only "fix" is to refresh the page, and use only the date part of the filter, and let Power BI automatically fill in the time-part. In Desktop, there is no problem, the same filter on the same report works as it should.






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Os Problema no Filtro permanece

A data deve ser DD.MM.AAAA está invertendo automático para MM/DD/AAAA depois de ativar o filtro, isso ocorre tambem quando utilizo o filtro entre duas datas.
(é igual ou está depois E é igual ou está antes)



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Exactly, I experiencing the same as @sulcatarinense , the filtering problem is still there.   As suggested from @v-qiuyu-msft  I have opened a new post therefore (you can find the link in the comment above)

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Hi @max_31


One of our team member owns your thread and he will reply to you in your new thread, you can follow up there. 


@sulcatarinense It looks like you have the same issue as @max_31, you can comment in @max_31 's thread as well. By the way, please post a reply in English so we can understand the issue clearly. 


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I tested advanced filter, but when using filter options "is exact or an after" and "is exact or before" and the time is still working bad. It shows me my actual windows time as only one possible option (can't change it). Second thing is, that button for using filter also doesn't work for me.


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Tomasadvanced filter problem.JPG