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"Creating connection in model" - Doesn't show rows being downloaded anymore.


Since September 2021 Update, when refreshing data using Power BI Desktop connected to Azure SQL Server, it goes like:
Evaluating - OK
Waiting for other queries - OK

Creating connection in model ... (Stays here until all data is loaded)

I have more than 100 Power BI files in my organization, all of the connected to Azure, so it is not a specific file that has this behaviour. Every file I try is the same.

At first I thought it was stuck there, but If the file is big, lets say 4 Million rows, it takes sometime and eventually loads the data. But it doesn't show the amount of rows being downloaded anymore. And believe me, this is my daily routine, importing, updating and building reports.

This is misleading because you can't differentiate if the process is stuck or going all right anymore. You just have to have faith that is working, but when it takes too long it is complicated to be waiting without knowing that it is going to load correctly.

I was hoping that this would be fixed in October 2021 release but had no luck.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks in advance!


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@v-robertq-msft  any idea when this will be fixed for PBI Desktop for RS Version: 2.97.863.0