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Web Interface performance problems when screen-sharing in Teams

The performance of screen rendering, data refreshing, slicer updates, etc. drops considerably if/when you start a screen-sharing session in a Teams meeting.  This is specific to PowerBI in the browser, as other applications/services continue functioning normally.  

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

Latency has been increased when performing web browsing actions. Specifically when selecting a value from a filter, or when sorting columns in an array in the web version. The Desktop -Local- version does not present this delay.

Community Support

Hi all, 


I would suggest you follow this document to troubleshoot the issue:


If the issue still occurs, I would suggest you create a support ticket to get help. 

Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Frequent Visitor

This is not an issue with optimization of the reports themselves.  Reports that work just fine in the service for individual viewers will have terrible latency when they are being screen shared on Teams.

Frequent Visitor

Confirming same issue. Reports run fine until being shared over a Teams meeting - for some reason sharing the screen slows the report down considerably. Only affects reports when screen sharing on Teams, i.e. not a general performance problem.

Advocate I

Agreed.  This didn't seem to be an issue last year - I went on leave in Sept and when I came back in January it was an issue.

New Member

This issue is very prevalent in our environment as well. Anything that requires a visualization to refresh is at minimum 2x slower when sharing in MS Teams than if not.


I have found that if I share just the application (i.e. Chrome) that the performance is better. If I am sharing my actual screen it is almost unusable.

Resolver II

I agree. This is not a report optimization issue. Visualization refresh rates are drastically different when presenting inside of a Teams shared session.  Please investigate this issue and provide a workable solution, as it is currently impossible to present in this way.

Microsoft Employee

This is still an issue in 2022 - Screen share PowerBI report essentially locks the UI. I can hover, but can't click any buttons (however powerquery/data transform window seems to work).

I tried Teams desktop sharing, and also used OBS, same effect.

Performance is horrendous during screenshare.

Updated all apps, still seeing this behaviour. Other apps don't exhibit this.

Frequent Visitor

Hello all, its Q3 2023 and I confirm the issues have not disappeared.  I'm also ion the latest  PowerBI Desktop version.  Both PBI Desktop as well as PBI Webapplication remain unusable when being shared in MS Teams.  A single filter takes sometimes 20 seconds wherease it takes 1-2s wihtout sharing the screen in Teams.  I notice that both PowerBi and Teams Memory utilization are significant.  Since for both teams and PowerBI the  GPU engine is used and powerusage become very high, is there something to be done with respect to hardware acceleration options in windows?   Has anyone here found a workaround other than to switch from PowerBI to Qlikview or other tools?