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Using same font and size but different sizes in visual and text box



I'm using the same font and font size in a title of a standard visual and then in a text box but they appear as different sizes on screen.


See the example below. The font from the title is on the left and the text box is on the right.

Power BI Desktop - Same but Different.png

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Hi @Anonymous,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my side. Please try to update your Power BI desktop to the latest version as ours then test again.





Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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@v-qiuyu-msftThanks but that is the version I am using.


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It looks to me that the font-size in a text box is specified in pixels, but elsewhere (eg. in a button) it is in pts.


eg. a text-size of 16 in a text box is equivalent to a size 12 in a button

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@v-qiuyu-msft I'm on version 2.65.5313.701 64-bit (December 2018) and I'm having the same issue. I use Arial font size 14 for a text box, card, slicer, and button. The text in the text box is much smaller. I suspect @ross27 might be right that "the font-size in a text box is specified in pixels, but elsewhere (eg. in a button) it is in pts".


Below is a screenshot. All four objects are Arial size 14. The first text is the text box and it is much smaller than the next three objects which are a button (button text: Arial 14), slicer (Title: Arial 14), and card (Title: Arial 14).


Because of this issue, I'm unable to maintain consistent font sizes throughout the report, making it look unprofessional. I've even tried using a different size value for text boxes, but since it seems to be a different measurement, the text box size 18 is smaller and size 20 is bigger than size 14 in the other objects.


Please confirm if the issue is due to using pixels in text boxes and pts in other objects and when that issue is expected to be fixed. If that isn't the cause, please help us identify how to fix the issue.


Thank you.


Advocate III

Having the exact same problem. Choosing text size of 16 in Text Box and text size of 16 as Data label in the Card visual. The font size in the Text Box is then much smaller. Looks like 16 in text boxes are the same as 12 in card visual

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@v-qiuyu-msftI can advise that this problem still exists using Version: 2.65.5313.701 64-bit (December 2018).


Is there any chance of an update on whether this is now being treated as a bug for resolution? It has been eight months since logged with no Microsoft response and other users have now confirmed and replicated the issue.