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Urgent - DataFlow Error (Internal Error)

During the last 3 days we’ve verified that we’re unable to update information in some dataflows. It's a generic problem.

We could not take the risk to deal with outdated information.

Please check this NOW.

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I was getting the same internal error all week. Yeterday the dataflows finally started to complete and I thought we were out of the woods.

Today All dataflows are failing:

Error: Can't convert 9 to proper M credential Type Request ID: 21d00223-d272-afd5-6c07-186d3e42ed8a Activity ID: 2d637019-69c5-435c-9b3a-f8cc809f90b6

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same, except my error is 
Error: User is not authorized to access the gateway. Request ID: 6c0fc5d7-37ca-6204-b0fd-53374dc802ae Activity ID: 875f9d38-45e9-42a6-8b22-8bf9c9175c58


Though the same gateway works on a new test dataset using the same gateway and same datasource (MS SQL Server)

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We've have similar issues starting last month and have to keep exporting the json of the model and reimporting and suddenly things just work. We've submitted multiple tickets on the issue with no resolution yet.

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Having the same issue since this weekend

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On Friday up until today I also keep getting the "Error: Can't convert 9 to proper M credential Type Request ID: aa7a18f1... ...a0f21e79b2f" error. Sounds like MS changed something as I doubt its on the user end.


Aparently it has been resolved, by updating the gateway, see: