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Subscription mails not recieved



This morning we no longer recieved Subscription emails from PowerBI reports.


Any ideas to what can be wrong? 


Br Mads

Status: Delivered

Hi  all,


This issue has been fixed. Please try it later.


Best regards.
Community Support Team_Caitlyn

Regular Visitor

Sure. I did it the first time so hoe this was right:

New Member

Still having this issue

Regular Visitor



Still having issues with subscriptions emails. not arrivaing or delayed image by at least 1 hour or more ...
Please save us Micorsoft team . 


Thank you 

Regular Visitor
Today we are having delays of ~4 hours
Advocate II

my morning subscriptions timed for 08:00 BST have not arrived and it is now 11:50 BST

our premium capacity is in North Europe


service status says

Power BI customers in Europe might experience delay in receiving email notifications. Azure engineers are investigating the issue, and an update will be provided soon.

New Member

Facing with the same issue, not able to send subscription mails. Microsoft has to warn their tenants about the process.

New Member

Still having this problem, NL

Regular Visitor

I've already started to receive mine subscriptions.

They were schedule to 8h30 AM (UTC)



Advocate II

my emails for yesterday, Monday 18 September 2023, scheduled for 07:30 BST eventually came through at 15:54 BST.


the first of today's emails has arrived on time.


any news on a RCA @v-xiaoyan-msft ? 

Regular Visitor

Hello Team Has anyone reported an issue today? Are subscriptions being sent? In Brazil is OK