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Slicer switches from Dropdown to List when using Bookmarks - looks like a bug


I have a Dropdown slicer on my page and I've created two bookmarks.

When I switch to another bookmark - then suddenly my slicer switches to a List instead of Dropdown.

And it stays like this even if I return to an original bookmark.

I have triple-checked that I have created the bookmarks when the slicer was in Dropdown mode.

Looks like a bug - please fix

Thank you


(this post is following the same bug from May 2018. @v-qiuyu-msft  from Microsoft suggested that I open it again as a new post:

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Community Support

Hi @Anonymous, 


Please select the "another bookmark" which you mentioned, then change the slicer mode to Dropdown, click on three dots next to the bookmark name then choose Update. Test again if the same issue occurs.




Also please run the latest Power BI desktop version 2.67.5404.801 if possible. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Thanks Qiuyun,

It works

I am sure that I've seen this happenning again in one of my new projects, so if I see it again, I'll open another post



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There is definitly a bug here. You can copy a slicer that is already set to a dropdown though on saving the bookmark it will revert to a list. As you mention it requires clicking "Update" to save the changes. For some unfortunates like me this can be complicated further by a slicer which does not appear to allow the selection of a dropdown option as unknowingly the header of the slicer needs to be on. Possibly there could be a way to clarify this final point by placing the dropdown, list, between options in the ellipsis rather than the header?

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I have a report where same slicer exists in multiple pages, on others it is on list form and others in dropdown. I also have bookmark to empty all slicers (bookmark with only data selected and it only affects slicers). Now all slicers filtering certain information change from dropdown to list and vice versa when the empty button is used. Workarounds suggested earlier won't work in this case.

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I've just come across this. It's definitely a glitch as when it switched to a list the 'clear filters' eraser and down arrow to switch between list, dropdown etc disappears. 


Notice the filter and focus drop inside the slicer covering the usual position of the down arrow.


left is the glitched , right is a new slicer i've just added in for comparison