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Select query in odata v4 is ignored

When using $select in the query string for an OData v4 service it is ignored.

For example:

= OData.Feed("https://<org>$select=name,actualrevenue")

This returns all opportunities with ALL fields, not only name and actualrevenue


= OData.Feed("$select=id")

This returns ALL fields, not only group ID


This has a HUGE business impact, as this makes loading data in PBI reports extremely slow. The consensus in the Dynamics 365 environment is to export the data to an Azure database before loading it into PBI, which breaks security hierarchy and makes everything less user friendly.

Status: Accepted

Hi @agur,


I have reported this issue to the Product Team: CRI 58867358. I will post the updates here.


Best Regards,



Hi @agur,


I have reported this issue to the Product Team: CRI 58867358. I will post updates here.


Best Regards,


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Status changed to: Accepted
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Hello @agur,

For OData V4 endpoints, we currently do not support querying directly via OData URLs. We are investigating support for this, but it involves significant changes to our OData connector, and we do not have an ETA at this time. For now, the solution is to query using the Query Editor or M script. The M script in this case would be:


let Source = OData.Feed(""),
    Groups = Source{[Name = "groups"]}[Data],
    Selected = Table.SelectColumns(Groups, "id")
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Hi, the above response is not really useful the point here is to use Select to reduce the amount of data downloaded before it comes to Power Query. This is really a bug and should be fixed.