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Search Box on Slicer Missing


     The Search Box on the Slicer Visualization seems to have a bug when a PBIX file is loaded to the Power BI Service. This issue is affecting the drop-down format of a Slicer. Also it seems to only affect Slicers with a larger amount of items. When there are 2 or 3 items in the slicer the search box will appear however if there are 20 plus or more items it is not working. I've tried several different browsers, so I don't believe that is the issue. Below are screenshot showing the search box has been enabled and the missing search box when you select the drop down. Please help!!! We're on the verge of rolling out hundreds of new Power BI accounts and this is a serious issue when you have large slicer needs.

 Search On.jpgSearch Not Showing.jpg



Status: Accepted
Helper I

Hi LizBethA,


It seems to be working fine for me in March 2018 release (I'm using the Reporting Services version).


What I'd suggest checking:


1) Confirm you aren't trying to slice a number type - only text works as others have noted above (I would however also agree that I'd like to be able to filter numbers in the slicer - an obvious improvement to make)


2) I had a lot of problems initially when our server got upgraded to March 2018 Reporting Services. Different browsers would load different, page level filters would be applied but not visible for editing, tables didn't render, etc. Closing the browser, and even restarting my computer did not fix the issue. What eventually did work was to manually flush my browser's cache (kept my history but deleted everything else). All the problems went away after that. May be worth a try if you confirm that point 1 above isn't the issue.


If it's related to the Microsoft hosted platform, I'd recommend creating a simple test model that reproduces the problem and loading up a support request.


Hope you come right


Not applicable

I still have issues with this. Search box doesn't appear in dropdown slicers, only works when I switch it to "list". Also I am filtering text fields.

Advocate IV

I'm having the same issue here. I copy a slicer with a text field and dropdown, change it to a date field, and then search function doesn't appear anymore. I can't activate it (no "Search" option when right clicking the ... button).