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Scheduled Refresh Not Starting + Refresh On Demand not responding

Hi all,


Yesterday we experienced the issue of inability to load reports, and today the majority of our scheduled report refresh jobs have not started, and are unresponsive when prompting a refresh on demand.


Have anyone else had the same issues lately?


Our location is North Europe, and I assume that this might be a problem for others in the region. Meanwhile, Microsoft claims that the service status is "Good" with "No known issues: Power BI is running smoothly". An actual update on ongoing issues and what is done to resolve them would be highly appreciated.

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We also have this problem. Reports on the North Europe tenant.

New Member

Same issue for us as well. Many reports are not refreshing at scheduled time as well as doing in manual refresh.  


It's the North Europe having multiple issues since yesterday.


Services status page shows all green.

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Same problem with West Europe, manual refresh from PowerBi portal doesn't work

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Same issue here...

My datasets doesn't refresh at all.


Any workaround??

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Same in the UK, North Europe servers.


This is happening way too often and Power BI is losing my trust.

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Same here in the UK for North Europe servers. on Demand refreshes not working on some datasets but works on others. 

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So, from my tests, fresh publishes/apps work but any sort of replacing will cause this endless loop.


You can pull an app down and then republish (and this seems to be the same for reports, delete datasets and publish and it works) BUT this will change the IDs for the reports/Apps so if you're using them, sigh. requires you to republish an app which means users have to install it again or you have to send the link out again and you have to do the entire set up again.

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@ power BI support team , pls respond

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Hi, same issues in Western Europe. Have you opened tickets to Microsoft? Did you receive any answer? We are not available to provide service to our clients at this point. 

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In UK: some scheduled/manual dataset refreshes working, some not. Frustrating!