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Right-click on Matrix visuals unresponsive

Right-clicks on Matrix visuals in a published report are no longer displaying any options and have become unresponsive.  These were functioning as expected as recently as 25-Feb but as of 26-Feb are behaving in this manner.  A conversion of the matrix visuals to table visuals has restored the expected right-click functionality, so the issue appears to be isolated to just matrix visuals.  Have there been any global updates to matrix visuals in Power BI that would explain this behavior?  Thanks!

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Does anyone know if Microsoft have been made aware of this and its something they will fix or if it is a feature they will no longer support? I am trying to get my organization to buy in into switching everything to Power BI and this is causing a major issue on their confidence. 

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@fsmolka , 


I have used PBI for over 4 years and this is the first instance of this type of error I have seen.  My company is all in on PBI with confidence having used it for over 2 years.  Gartner's Magic Quadrant has recently rated PBI highly


I am working with my IT to raise a ticket with MS.  We suspect that this issue will get some heat since this is fundamental functionality to one of the core visuals that is used extensively.

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Thank you for your comments. I also believe in the technology. It just makes a little hard for this issue to occur a fews days before we have our road show across the company to show it off. Just bad timing. 


I did see in previous comments that it happened before in 2018. I would just imagine that all tests would be done before a role out. 


I am sure they are on it unless it is a feature they no longer provide. 


Thank you for giving your feedback on the tool. I do believe it is a great tool as well. 

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Microsoft need to fix this ASAP, we just deployed our bi service like two weeks ago and teaching our employee how to use it. And this just break every single bit of good outcome we had so far. Must admit i am a upset, I am the one responsible for this service at our workplace, how do i look telling that the big bad microsoft had screwed up?

Someone from m$, plz, fix, ASAP. this is ridiculous.

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This is also an issue for my organization, as we are just about to publish a report that relies heavily on the drill through functionality.  Microsoft - any updates on when this will be resolved?




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Hello all,

Here's my experience over 3+ years now on service.  One of the really interesting and valueable things about Power BI rapid development and continuous feature improvements.  There are a few instances when a release has a bug and it's generally fixed in a very short period of time.  While some of you are just trying to roll this out, it's unfortunate to have that color the general stability and the exceptional resources put to this product by MSFT (server speeds that run your models on service for example).  Anyway, it's frustrating on occasion...but I'd rather be riding the wave coming in that sitting on the wave going out.  And yes, this is the wave coming in, IMHO.


That said--sure hope they fix it soon!!  This is too important a feature and too big a bug to have it unfixed already.


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MS Support site shows the issue is being worked now with an ETA of 04 March.

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@jflipse thank you for the info, very useful.



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@v-chuncz-msft  Things have been fixed.  Whew and thanks.  Looks like the context menu is now also restricted to the correct items...meaning if I've turned off drill up and down etc., they no longer show on the menu.  That's great as well.  Tom

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@ThomasDay I am trying to enable my users to copy cell values to use in other apps but apparently, after chrome update, it has stopped working. Can someone please help me with this. Currently, I am using Google Chrome Version 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit).  Whereas, it is working fine on MS Edge.