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Reports open in new tab

Reports open in a new tab instead of in the same tab/window. This is true for all reports. Has nothing to do with my browser settings or a problem with my keyboard as external links just open in the same tab.

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I am also facing the same issue and others in my organisation have reported the same.

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same issue here - out of nothing

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Same issue. IE and Edge have this error. In IE, the new window cannot be resized and in Edge the new window can be resized. Ironically Chrome is fine so using that for now, thankfully this is an option for most clients.
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Same problem here, getting numerous reports (complaints) from around our business about this - opening in a new windows/tab is actually not a problem, but the fact that you cannot resize the tab is a major issue!

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Same issue here, out of the blue

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Our organization is reporting the same thing - can we get an official response if this is an intended or unintended change?

Community Support

@danextian ,


Does this issue happens when you click a button and the button navi you to another report? Or this issue happens on other senarios?



Jimmy Tao

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@v-yuta-msft this happens when clicking any report in the report list in the workspace but it seems to have been fixed.

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@v-yuta-msft , I can also confirm that it has been resolved today. Our team confirms that they no longer experience this issue.

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I confirm the same. Seems to be resolved.