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Report on PowerBI service not loading

I do have a number of reports at the powerbi service that is based on import of data into the service. The data was updated according to schedule but when running the report, then nothing happens. It stops loading and shows a screen saying "Almost done".

I do also have reports running on directs query mode and they work fine.

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Same issue in DE

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Also, does not load any published reports.



Something went wrong
We're having trouble loading usage metrics right now.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID: 03f48a44-0846-4b0c-aca0-178079a0bd6c
Time: Tue Jan 07 2020 11:58:47 GMT+0200 (Eastern European Standard Time)
Correlation ID: d9069689-f56d-40ab-62af-daf2150ae4f7
Service version: 13.0.11747.315
Client version: 1912.2.031
Cluster URI:

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Having the same issue in UK

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same in Barcelona!!

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I am having trouble loading most of the reports too in Spain.


I have been viewing older posts related to the Power Bi service loading issues and can´t really find anyone from the Power BI team acknowledging the problem, or giving any information. I don´t see anything on twitter, or on the power BI blog. 

Is there any place I should go that I don´t know of? If not I think it should be a priority to create one.

I am receiving emails from my whole organization asking me to fix it, but I am not even sure if it's something related to my own reports, to the internet connection or because the Power BI service is having problems for a specific region.

Please I need information from the power Bi Team when someone is reporting an issue like this.



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Same issue in Ireland as well !!

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To my understanding the issue is acknowledged and being addressed

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the report looks ok now but the subscription I received is blank 

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South Africa also down but we on the North-Europe cluster and it looks like the North-Europe cluster is having problems, I sent a company wide mail letting them know it's down

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In The Netherlands it seems to work again when I again publish the report. Only refresh date is not correct, but data is correct.