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Refresh popup messages (and others) not displaying correctly

In the latest version (Version: 2.114.664.0 64-bit (February 2023)), all display boxes in PBI desktop aren't displaying correctly. Is this happening to other users? I can find an area to post to Microsoft. Some examples attached.



Status: Investigating

Hi all,


The product team have been aware of the issue and the engineers will do their best to resolve it.


“We are working on the fix. Meanwhile you can try disabling the Multimonitor DPI by setting
System / Environment variables / User vairables / Add 

PBI_PerMonitorDpiAware = 0





And then restart the Power BI Desktop.”


Power BI Desktop February 2023 DPI Scaling Problem - Page 2 - Microsoft Power BI Community


Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn


Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @KyleTaylor ,


Can you further describe your screenshots? By not displaying properly do you mean that the pop-up box is not in the correct position or that the content displayed is incomplete?


Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

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hi @v-xiaoyan-msft 
I have the same problem. I think pop-up box is not in the correct position.
I can't use both conditional formatting window and refreshing window 





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Hello @KyleTaylor @JustinaW, I was also experiencing this issue with the conditional formatting and found a temporary fix that changed the scaling for me. I uninstalled PowerBI from the Microsoft Store and installed the .exe version of it, went to the file location, opened properties for PBIDesktop.exe, went to compatibility, and changed high DPI settings from application to system. It fixed it for me.



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I am also seeing zoomed screens like this after I apply a theme? Looks like a similar problem.

After Applying s Theme to a pbix file messes with ... - Microsoft Power BI Community

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@cheryldevina  thanks for the workaround.

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I have the same problem: as the form is too small related to the text inside, I am unable to create a rapid measure as it is not visible the button "OK"



Do you guys think I should open a new ticket?

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    I resolved this issue, By uninstalling the Feb 2023 version and reinstalling the Dec 2022 version of Power BI.

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same problem here, but I can't change the version, because it is managed by our IT department.



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@Anonymous how did you find and reinstall the Dec 2022 version of Power BI? Online I can only find the last version..

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@ChiaraB you can find it there:


I can't downgrade myself, it is locked and managed by our IT