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Refresh of dataset for files on the sharepoint folder is not working

Hi there,

I have setup a report with a mysql database connection and two excel files on the sharepoint.(Also MailChimp and Google Analytics Connection)
On PowerBI desktop I have create a source for the sharepoint connection (using my organisational accout)

which is working.

The problem is that the refresh on PowerBI web is not working. I setup a gateway for the mysql database which is working.

For the sharepoint files I have just use the dataset integration to get a connection to the Sharepoint folder.

The datasets are updated correctly if I change something directly at file files and check the datasets.

But the two tables within the project file which are based on the excle files from sharepoint are not updated.


The problem is that the following error occur at the projekt dataset:

Error at the data source: The planned refresh has been cancled because there are missing login credentials for at least one data source.
Zeit2018-07-31 10:29:31Z
If I have a look at the gateway properties for the project dataset, it says that the gateway for the sharepoint folder is missing.
I have already tried to add one but during the setup of the sharepoint gateway my windows credentials are not accepted. Within PowerBI desktop I had the same problem but within powerBI desktop I could use the organisational account which works. But this option is not available at the powerbi web version. Also I thought it wouldn't be necessary to setup the gateway if I added the sharepoint files directly as datasets.
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Microsoft Employee


Do you connect to Excel file locations at SharePoint online? If so, do you take any merge/append operations between online data sources(SharePoint online or Google Analytics or Mailchimp) and on-premises data source(MySQL)? If you have, you would need to use personal gateway to refresh the dataset.

However, if you don't have the merge/append operations, you can use on-premises gateway to refresh the dataset. After you add the MySQL data source within the gateway, please also select "Allow user's cloud data sources to refresh through this gateway cluster".


Microsoft Employee
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