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Refresh failure (Bigquery)

For the past few days, when trying to refresh data, I've been getting the following error:


ERROR [42000] [Microsoft][BigQuery] (70) Invalid query: Invalid page token

Status: Investigating

Hi @Anonymous,


May I know whether your issue is happening when you refresh your dataset or dataflow? Could you please tell more details about this issue? Thanks in advance!


In addition, according the error message, it looks like something related to permission or token. Could you please try these steps?

1 Clear the cookie/cache of your browser and try again

2 Update the credential of your data source and try again


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Caiyun

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Thanks @Tezetsu , I also opened a an incident ticket, waiting them to contact me 

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Haven't been able to solve this issue. I've also opened an incident ticket and last week collected some traces with a support engineer. They could not find anything useful there. We were about to collect additional traces yesterday but I couldn't reproduce the issue, so currently just monitoring the situation.

Bottom line: I haven't encountered the issue this week, but the cause is still unknown and as such its not exactly fixed either.

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My organisation also experienced the PowerBi BigQuerty refresh failures. 

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@Anonymous @Tezetsu @hhll 

Microsoft already solved my issue ticket . They did some changes on a new August version and now it´s working fine for me 

Hope this help!