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Refresh BigQuery data(error)

Im try refresh my Big Query data

And im get this error message


MessageERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][BigQuery] (100) Error interacting with REST API: Exceeded rate limits: Your user_method exceeded quota for api requests per user per method. 


Activity ID67a3881e-e6af-ac24-ef72-993f1e887bf7
Request ID0a518bce-f399-a97f-06b7-305d62b00daf
Time2018-05-05 18:53:40Z


Im not reach any big query limits.


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I agree with @danzrust.


I have an open ticket at Google and Microsoft. It might be, that the API integration in PBI send some undesired requests on complex data models, that reaches the API quota. However, we should be able to track this in Google Cloud Console. We have not yet been able to see these requests being rejected in the Google Engine.

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Hi there


anyone has solved this issue? 

Im having this kind of errors at the moment and as been sid before the tables i'm using at the moment have a small amount of records and in google console i'm not able to see any API call error.


Thanks in advance


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Still having the issue at least 5 times a week. I disabled the option to load parallel tables and the issue is still present. 

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My team at work are also experiencing the same issue. We have been troubleshooting the situation with help from a contact working for Google.


The problem seems like it's restricted to the client side. The connector might be using a small batch size. It is annoying that the connector halts in this case, rather than employ e.g. an exponential backoff strategy in this case.


The problem is reproducible on at least two setups (Power BI/Google user accounts). At the moment, we are running a pilot and want to download three tables with a combined ~600000 rows (~100MB).



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I have the same issue. Changing to disable parallel loading of tables solves this issue for me though I understand this did not resolve for others.


Working with vendors, I was told that this is an issue with the driver. I'm suggested to try the Simba driver.  I did try it and am able to refresh data even with the parallel table loading on PBI Desktop and even on PBI Service (need the same driver to be installed on gateway server). Note that this driver is slow, from my quick test, compared to the native connector. In addition, there is no Direct Query option with this Simba driver.



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Anyone have any luck with this? 

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Not yet... I've been in contact with the support team and it seams that there's an issue with the connector. To be honest i didn't get the explanation they gave me... Was said that hitting the API quota limit it's because the "Powerbi Pro" users are in a shared capacity. This to me doesn't make any sense because each google acount has it's own limits and quotas. Was also said that atm they don't have an ETA to solve this issue.


We are trying to use direct query here, it's not the best solution but it's working atm. If this doesn't work we will be forced to adopt another tool.

Unfortunatly we found this big limitation after some investiment on Powerbi, otherwise we would have already gone into another solution. 


Power Bi team just messed up with this. It doesn't make any sense to release a connector to BigQuery and have this kind of limitations. 



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Yeah, to be frank, its pretty pathetic. It's a function that is one of the primary value propositions of a business intelligence tool, you'd think they would have this key issue figured out or would focus on making sure its a top functioning feature. As a one man analytics team, I don't have the bandwidth to learn SQL to direct query. I've been trying to push internally for Tableau for a while now so this really just adds more fuel to the fire. 




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As for me, the report which used to fail now works OK. I did not major changes to queries. I guess I am just lulucky person among us.



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Dear all,


Google has been working on increasing the quota limits, such that the errors should occur less often as previously. However, it has not solved the issue on our end.


A week or two ago we switched a dozen of our dataset to an ODBC driver from Simba, and installed the gateway on our server. This has more or less eliminated any quota limitations errors on our scheduled updates. It also imports data much faster than the normal integration.


The error still occurs occasionally when manually updating many tables or views from Power BI Desktop, but it is much less frequent as before.


While the Simba Driver might have some other shortcomings - it is still a much better solution in our setup. I suggest that you give it a try on some of your datasets.