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Quickbooks Online Refresh Error

Started receiving the below connection error when refreshing data from Quickbooks Online to the PowerBI service on 6/21/2021.  Haven't had any issues connecting in the past and am using the standard QBO-PowerBI connector.  Anyone else having problems as well?  Thanks!


Data source error: Web.Contents failed to get contents from '' (400): Bad Request. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface. Please review the error message and provider documentation for further information and corrective action.
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: 078ad742-fd34-430e-8f3d-72b48c6090bb
Request ID: 0cf1c374-2a61-f39a-2c24-86dba4ddecaa
Time: 2021-06-25 11:58:10Z

Status: New
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If you could refresh it in power bi desktop?

and also try to re-edit the datasource credentials in dataset setting.





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Currently unable to refresh in desktop, still receiving the script errors in the OAuth when refreshing data.  I've been using the online service to refresh any live data I have previously needed in Desktop, now it seems both are down.


I have updated my system environment variables to the below settings as well, any other suggestions are appreciated!




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I have the same issue here, not able to refresh after 6/21.  I updated the datasource credentials many times and still no luck.


Can you help here?




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My QBO connection is using the old data tables and contains the "class" table which were somehow changed or removed from QBO and were causing the refresh error.  I removed the class table from my dataset in Desktop, then re-published and refreshed without error. I don't use that table for any reporting, so it did not have an impact.  Snip from my error message below identified the fields that caused my refresh errors.  Hope this helps.




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how do you remove the class table?

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looks like i have the same error here...can you tell me how to remove the class table?




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IF you are using the class fields in your reporting from that particular table, those reports will fail or have issues.  I was not using them, so did not have to worry about any other reporting issues.


  1. Open the PBIX file in PowerBI Desktop (if you don'thave the original you can download the current PBIX from the PowerBI Online Service, then open that file)
  2. In the fields section on the right you should see a group called "class"
  3. Hover over the field and click the three horizontal dotted lines to the right and select "delete from model"
  4. Save the file and re-publish
  5. Re-run the data refresh






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It may be prudent to save a copy of the original PBIX download BEFORE you delete the class table from the model in case something blows up.  Safety first 🙂 Good luck

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I never moved to powerbi desktop.  I am still using the cloud based powerbi.


I am in a process of moving to desktop...


do you know why I don't see all the tables in powerbi desktop?  like the general ledger table?