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Query refresh displays only the "Evaluating..." stage

After the last Power BI Desktop Update - 2.97.801.0 64-bit (September 2021) - when I click Refresh Query, I see all my queries listed as "Evaluating..." and that's all! The data actually does refresh in time, but I don't see the other phases like connecting, getting data, and the number of rows downloaded as before.
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I had this issue with the September version. Using the August version fixed it for a while but now I'm back to the same issue even with older PBI versions - stuck at loading and never makes progress. I haven't found a workaround and have been sending files to a colleague to refresh.

When is the November update coming out? And, does anyone have suggestions for a workaround in the meantime? In my case, the data never loads.

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Hi @amyod;


The latest version 2.98.1025.0 seems to have fixed this issue for me. Please check and update with the latest version here:

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Issue still exists in the Report Server version.

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issue still present in Version: 2.99.862.0 64-bit (November, 2021)

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Issue is still present in the current Version !!!! 


Team please review this once again !

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I had exactly the same problem in the September 2021 version. I uninstalled and re-installed to December 2021 version.. still the problem didn't go away. Apparently there it was fixed in the November 2021 version. But it's still happening for me. Now it's saying Loading data to model... and never finishes. 😞

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okay please ignored my previous message. I just deleted the whole Power BI folder in the appdata and it worked magically. 🙂 



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A tool promoted to handle data and build dashboards that can't solve a problem about data refreshing.............. I have been struggling with this for weeks now. EMBARRASING