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Query refresh displays only the "Evaluating..." stage

After the last Power BI Desktop Update - 2.97.801.0 64-bit (September 2021) - when I click Refresh Query, I see all my queries listed as "Evaluating..." and that's all! The data actually does refresh in time, but I don't see the other phases like connecting, getting data, and the number of rows downloaded as before.
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New Member

I am having the same problem, used a desktop version in a windows 10 PC and get tings working fast but in the server 2016 with network filters and firewall it is not working. It worked till the latest version was downloaded.

Definitely someting with the new version but the new version owrks in desktop with windows 10 with less network security.

Regular Visitor

There is a new version that solve the problem in part. My reports do refresh now, but doesnt show the steps as used to. Only show "creating connection to the the model" and after some time, just finishes the update.

New Member

I'm having the same issue showing "Creating connection in model..."

Frequent Visitor

Quick Update here, i just pull back to the July Version, and it works without any doubt at least on the Desktop Files, need to review if the Service also is working now better on the Refreshes.



Kudo Collector

Just faced the similar issue today, looks like there's in problem in September update, I've downgraded to August and the problem seems to be resolved.

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I'm having a similar issue noted by other users, whereby it only shows "Creating connection in model..." and does not show the number of rows deployed.

Datasets that have been running perfectly fine for well over a year have now ground to a halt.


My colleagues have also noted a remarkable drop in performance with their datasets.


Version: 2.97.861.0 64-bit (September 2021)


New Member

Just to add - based on my experience - data is loaded in the background, even though on LOAD screen I don't see progress of lines being loaded the way it was dispalyed till Aug '21 PBI Desktop release.


So be patient (for me it was hard lesson since data set is loading ~40 min) but eventually it loads.


Still, Dear MS team, please have it fixed as it was completely unexpected behavior that costed me a day of work to troubleshoot and affected ~100 users in my org with delayed refresh.


Regular Visitor

I have the same effect, version 2.97.861.0. Data seems to download normally, but progress is missing as it always has been. You cannot see what is happening and it looks like the service has not started downloading data.

Regular Visitor

I workarounded this issue . 

Just downgrade to July/2021 version.
And unmark the Power BI Desktop infrastructure update preview feature.

But still waiting the Microsoft to really fix it
(for no more workarounds).

Advocate V

Me too. Refresh just shows "Evaluating..." and eventually finishes. 

Hopefully a patch to the Sept version can fix this.