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Premium_ASWL_Error - Single sign-on (SSO) credential is not provided which is required to execute

{"error":{"code":"Premium_ASWL_Error","pbi.error":{"code":"Premium_ASWL_Error","parameters":{},"details":[{"code":"Premium_ASWL_Error_Details_Label","detail":{"type":1,"value":"Single sign-on (SSO) credential is not provided which is required to execute the current request."}}]}}}

Facing the error in composite model, Published the report with diff name and tried as well. 

Status: New
Community Support



A similar refresh issue has been reported internally, so stay tuned.

CRI 253044699

Microsoft Employee

Any update on this?

New Member

I encountered the same issue in my composite model, and in my case the calculated tables referencing the tables in the DQ dataset connected to the workspace was causing the problem. When removing them from the model, the refresh has been completed succesfully.


@v-negee do you have in your model also calculated tables that reference the tables connected to powerbi dataset?



Microsoft Employee

We are importing few excels and transforming the tables.
Raised an incident as well for this issue to Power BI core team. ETA for fix is 6 weeks.

Helper III

Are there any updates on this? We are having this issue as well. 

Regular Visitor

@v-chuncz-msft Experiencing same issue. An update on ETA would be appreciated.

Frequent Visitor

@v-negee  Any updates? Still having the same problem. Refresh is still broken on service.

Microsoft Employee

As per the update received from Support team, Power BI core team is actively working on this issue. But no ETA is provided yet

Frequent Visitor

Hi, same problem here. Any news ?

Not applicable



We also have got the same issue.


When is it planned to be fixed ?