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PowerBI - down?

Hi Microsoft. I cant connect to Service Unavailable HTTP error 503

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Same issue here in Norway

Frequent Visitor

Same issue in The Netherlands

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Still the same issues. 

Regular Visitor

Same issue in the Netherlands. Either very slow, or 503 error (started yesterday afternoon aleady)

Helper V

Same issue in UK.  Also reports of IE not behaving as expected, eg windows not rendering correctly or multiple windows opening in the same report.

Community Support

@anh ,


I have made a test on my side but couldn't reproduce your issue. This issue should be related with the specific location tenant I would suggest you create a support ticket here for further analysis.




Jimmy Tao

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What an unbelievable ****show it has been lately in the production environment:


-In July legends suddenly dissappeared in production reports due to a change that went wrong and had to be reverted.

-Also in July microsoft pushed an update in W7 without any warning that broke down all cube connections.

-Then the August release came that corrupted files.

-And now the Service is down again.

-Add to that the constant crashes in PBI desktop that have been occuring the whole year.


Anyone have some inside information if MS is focusing on this? Having strong doubts if this is viable to keep using in a production environment.

Frequent Visitor

Service is down again here too. This is barely acceptable...



Helper I

Down here as well! 

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@Anonymous  I totallt agree, a complet **** show, Iv never exprienced the service this unstabel