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PowerBI Report page blank unless I reset to default

Last week the report was working fine, now I have to hit reset to default to get it to appear, otherwise the entire report page is blank.

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Since this morning, the same thing is happening to us as well for all our PBI users. We are in NJ. Yesterday we were running just fine. We logged a ticket with Microsoft 9 hours ago and still no resolution. They claim no one else is having the issue. Log a ticket if you can so they can see the severity of this issue!

Helper I

Same thing happen to me. One of my report show blank on all pages till click on 'Reset to default'. Before this is working fine without need to click Reset to default.  

Frequent Visitor

I am having the exact same issue.


@chross  can you share me the link to open a ticket for this issue?

Advocate II

We're also experiencing the same issue in Norway.

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Same issue in Finland as well. The issue is only with one report but not the others even though they use the same dataset. Tried republishing but it did not resolve the problem.

Helper III

We are having this issue in the UK too.

Regular Visitor

Same issue in Italy and DK. It happens (at least) when I update the main report (the main one that owns the dataset) or an app that belong to the PBI dataset data source.
It seems that after the first time that the uses reset to default (if no additional updates), this is not needed anymore. Just once after each update. Per each update reset to default is needed at least once.

Advocate III

@bibhu250 You should work with your Office 365 Administrator and have them log a ticket for you.  Our level of support may be different from yours.


@sedareports @Ferraglia @Nickodemus @Anonymous @KristianA @bibhu250 @sadiahsapiee 

The temporary workarounds are what you are already doingm by clicking on "Reset to default", but as Microsoft is looking into it for us, they said to diable the "Persistent filters" feature in the desktop via File--> Options and settings --> Options --> Current File --> Report settings --> Persistent filters --> then check the box next to "Don't allow end user to save filters on this file in the Power BI service.


OR instead, you can go to the workspace where you published the report via Reports tab --> Find your report --> Click on the settings icon --> Turn on the button to "Don't allow end user to save filters on this report"


I highly suggest if you can to log a ticket with Microsoft and mark it with a "Critical" severity. I think their most recent update to the service over the last few days depending on when they were executed based on which region we are located in has caused this issue.  We have had the persistent filters featured enabled for our users on existing reports for months and never had the issue.


I hope this reply is helpful!!!

Helper III

thanks @chross . 


I've logged a ticket with support, adn they gave me the same 'solution'. Unfortunately I don't think disabling the feature is going to useful at all - it's so critical to the ongoing usability of reports for specific users!


Let's see how quickly they come back with a fix...!

Advocate III



We also find their solution to turn off the feature UNACCEPTABLE when users like the fact they can filter the report and come back the next day and see their filters are still in place.


Btw, Microsoft didn't even mention turning the feature off in the service, I tried that on my own.  They need to realize the issue is not within desktop but rather in the service and whatever recent update they did essentially disruputed our/your already published reports 😒