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PowerBI Desktop Publish Hangs

The previous version and the new October version of PowerBI desktop hangs when publishing reports to the Power BI portal. The report gets published sucessfully but the "Publishing to Power BI" dialog never finishes. Clicking on cancel or close on the dialog does nothing. The only way to get out of PowerBI desktop is to use task manger and kill the PowerBI process.


It is like PowerBI desktop gets stuck and the portal doesn't tell it the report and dataset is done publishing.

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Unfortunately that definitely sounds like a different issue, you might want to engage MS to see if there's something they can do to help out (or at least a future improvement to make things smoother). I've been very impressed with how quickly they were able to address the specific issue we had, it was actually a pleasure working with MS on resolving this.





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Hi... coming back to this issue, for me this hasn't been resolved.

Enabled the custom data connectors again to test some functionality with Denodo custom connector.

I wanted to publish a pbix with a Azure SQL server datasource, and the hanging-problem appeared again...

I have the previous version of powerbi desktop installed, version 2.59.5135.421 64-bit (juni 2018). Will try to install the newest version today...


Update: with the newest version (2.60.5169.4101 64-bit / juli 2018)  I can't reproduce the issue, so seems to be resolved with this update for me.

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I'm experiencing this issue at this very moment. Like others have mentioned, it can be any report at any time. The one consistent factor is that it occurs when re-publishing a report that already exists. Publishing a brand new report never seems to present with the issue. 

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I no longer have this issue with the latest dot release: 2.60.5169.4101

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I too did not face any issue in the recent times.

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I too did not face any issue in the recent times

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Same here on "current" version... 😕

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I actually figured this out. 


The problem is with the autosync on OneDrive. If you have a large file, OneDrive inevitably tries to sync at the same time you're trying to publish to the server. Therefore, to work around this, save your Power BI desktop file to a working location like your regular C: drive and then publish the file to the Power BI service from there. Once you're done, you can relocate the desktop file back to OneDrive.

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Once again, 5 pages of comments saying they're having the same issue. This is since 2017 and no solution. No update. No information on why this is happening. Brilliant. I struggle to see the point of this community tbh. 


Also I need to sign in to comment and when I do I get redirected to a completely different page. Useless

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Do MS never pick up bugs during testing before functional releases or is it down us paying customers to identify bugs for you?