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PowerBI Desktop Publish Hangs

The previous version and the new October version of PowerBI desktop hangs when publishing reports to the Power BI portal. The report gets published sucessfully but the "Publishing to Power BI" dialog never finishes. Clicking on cancel or close on the dialog does nothing. The only way to get out of PowerBI desktop is to use task manger and kill the PowerBI process.


It is like PowerBI desktop gets stuck and the portal doesn't tell it the report and dataset is done publishing.

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Does this issue happen to all of your reports? If it is only specific to one of the reports, could you please share the PBIX file so that we can have a test locally?


BTW, a new Oct 2017 version of Power BI Desktop is just released, could you please also upgrad and have a try again?


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This happens will all reports and with the latest (Oct) version of PowerBI. I will have to create a version with anonymized data for sharing. The current pbix files that have the issue contain confidential data.

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 I'm experiencing exaclty the same issue. It doesn't happen with all the reports I publish to Power BI online, though. Any word from the Ms Power BI team with regards the cause and solution to this problem?

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This is happening to me as well. I can see and use the report, data set etc. in Power BI Service but the 'Publishing to Power BI' dialog says that it is still publishing. It sounds trivial but it's very worrying. I'm up against a tough deadline and I've just spent a very uncomfortable 45 minutes thinking I was going to have to dump last night's work and go back to backup.


After reading the posts above I decided to close the dialog. When I clicked on the close button it started a cancelling process. I used Task Manager as quickly as I could to end my Power BI Desktop session. Just in case. A quick loook at the report on the service indicates that all is well. 


If it's any help the dialog hung while publishing a large model (over 200 MB). When I published a smaller one (60 MB) earlier in the week I did not have this problem.

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 I am expericing this issue and using the March 2018 version of desktop.  The service gets updated successfully, but Desktop hangs in the publish screen, and I have to manually shut down the program (task manager).  Anyone able to figure this out so far?

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Same issue here.  File is > 100MB.  Tried publishing to a SharePoint and OneDrive.  Going to try and filter the data set some more and see if it helps.

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Update:  I filtered more, removed more inconsistant data, and no change.  To my suprise, the report does show on the Power BI service so it published after all.  I does work as it should.  The dialog box did not close and allow for a controlled exit (had to use task manager each time).  Each time I re-start this report, the recovery window shows up with the file that was in use when I terminated it via task manager.  Not sure what's up in the end.

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I'm having the same issue. I also have a quite large data-set, about 600 MB. But it also happens when I same smaller data sets, and reports connecting to a Power BI Data Set as well


I have some indications that the problem is more frequent when I'm at the office, maybe FW and Proxy servers is increasing the problem, but I have also seen this problems ourside of office


I have also noticed that I'm nowdays more frequently logged out from the service

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I'm seeing this issue even when publishing a report that has a single hand-created table with one row / one column in it. Definitely not due to size of the file.


This is driving me crazy, we're about to roll out the Power BI service to all our users, but can't if we get hangs like this. The other frustrating thing is that two folks in my group have this issue, two don't - so it feels like it has to be something machine based...but no idea what it could be.