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Power BI's Windows taskbar location, with multiple monitors

This has happened for a long time, thought I'd mention it...


I have 2 monitors and Windows 10. I have the Windows taskbar enabled on both monitors.


Say I open Power BI, and move it to my secondary monitor, and maximize it. Then, say I close Power BI. Now, if I open Power BI again, Windows "remembers" that Power BI should be opened on my secondary monitor, and that is where it appears. However, Power BI's taskbar icon is back over in the primary monitor's taskbar!


If I move the Power BI app to the primary monitor, then back to the secondary monitor, "fixes" it -- now, the app window is on the secondary monitor, and the taskbar icon moves to the secondary monitor.


I've never seen any other app behave this way, but Power BI does it consistently. It's weird. Can you fix it? Thanks!

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Community Support

Hi @kevhav,


I'm not able to reproduce the issue. The Power BI desktop icon both display in those two monitors taskbar. How about try to run the latest desktop version 2.49.4831.521 64-bit (August 2017)?


Best Regards,

Continued Contributor

I just confirmed I'm using the latest version of PBI Desktop.


But the issue persists. It always has. See the below image.


Other apps do what you'd expect: for example, Excel. I can open Excel; move it to Monitor 2; and close the app. Then I can run Excel again, and it will appear in Monitor 2, and its Taskbar button will also be on the Taskbar of Monitor 2.


Except Power BI. When I run Power BI and the app opens on Monitor 2, its Taskbar button is on the Taskbar of Monitor 1.


Community Support

Hi @kevhav,


Please open a support ticket to get dedicated support:


Support Ticket.gif



Best Regards,


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Status changed to: Delivered
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This is still happening in Windows 11 and it's really annoying for productivity.


Added an updated ticket here: