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Power BI Service Default Personal Bookmark state retained after deleting

Hi All,


In Power BI Service today I was reviewing the use of Personal Bookmarks.

Notes the report I was viewing has several slicers and graph visuals dependant on the slicers.

Below are the steps I took:

1. Make some specific selections on the Slicers. (Make a note of what selections were made).

2. Click Bookmarks > Add a personal bookmark.

3. Check the option Make default view. Change name as required.

4. Click Save.

5. Close the Browser tab and navigate back to Power BI Services on a new browser tab.

6. Navigate back to the report.

7. Note the bookmark view is displayed due to the Make default view option being checked. (Which is expected!)

8. Click Bookmarks again.

9. Right click on the Personal Bookmark added earlier and hit Delete.

10. Fresh the Browser Tab.
11. Note an error is displayed indicating that the bookmark is no longer avaliable. (Well sure we just removed it! 🙂 ).

12. Close the tab and navigate back to Power BI Services on a new tab.

13. Open the report again.

14. Note the view and state of the visuals and slicers is what was stored in the deleted bookmark even though the bookmark no longer exists.


Now each time I go to this report the save state is displayed.


This is somewhat annoying, I have a clear filters button which resets the report back to the Designer's default view but I believe that when the bookmark is removed it should no longer have any impact on the report.


Anyone got any thoughts on how to get rid of this issue? Short of creating a new personal bookmark with the desinger's default view and then deleting that.





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Community Support

Hi @Anonymous, 


The issue should be related to persistent filter. Please click on Reset to default button to view the default result. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Not applicable

@v-qiuyu-msft ,


Thank you this has resolved the issue I was having.

I guess I am surprised that in removing the bookmark is would not automatically reset the default also.


Thanks Again Andrew