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Power BI Desktop crashes when trying to publish without signing in first

There was a similar issue last year. It seems that has re-occured.


When I attempt to publish a report and have not signed  into the Desktop yet, a command prompt box appears then disappears and Power BI crashes. Also, it seems that   after the January 2018 update, Power BI requires to re-signin for each report created prior to installing the  update.  Normally after I have  already signed in, Power BI will not request for  another  signin the next time  I open the same report. 

Status: Accepted
New Member

Crash is raised when I try to publish. everything works fine except when I try to puiblish 

My specs are:

On-premise data gateway personal mode August 10,2021

PowerBi Desktop Version: 2.96.701.0 64-bit (August 2021)