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Power APP visual doesn't work properly in power bi desktop

The visualization used to embed power apps does not trigger the option to choose the option to create or use an existing application after adding columns - (Power BI Desktop Version: 2.114.664.0 64-bit (Feb2023))

Status: Delivered

Hi all,


Issue has been fixed in Power BI Desktop in the latest version published on Feb 22. 2023

Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop from Official Microsoft Download Center



Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn


Regular Visitor

Since february 2023 release I have the same problem

Not applicable

I am facing the same issue ever since I upgraded to Feb 2023? Does this mean we have to go back to previous version to get this working again? Pls help?

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I am also experiencing this issue.

Regular Visitor

I had the same issue.  I installed the Nov 2022 Power BI desktop and my powerApp worked fine.  If you install Power BI Desktop via microsoft store, it will auto update.  I installed from

Power BI Team

We are investigating. Should be fixed in the upcoming week (as it's a Saturday here). TY for reporting

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi  @LPanas84 ,


We have reported this issue and submitted it to the product team.
They have been aware of the issue and the engineers will do their best to resolve it. I will update here if there is any progress, so please be patient. 


Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

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I have the same problem. 

Version: 2.114.664.0 64-bit (February 2023)

New Member

Would love an estimated ETA on this fix, I have 3 projects semi reliant on this functionality that are at a dead stop due to the glitch. I am glad I wasnt going crazy though. 

Advocate I

Dani it works in services so it can be a workaround.

New Member

@LPanas84 Thank you, sorry if this is a novice question but services? Not sure I am understanding the work around