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Pinning visuals to dashboards bug

There appears to be a bug when pinning visuals to dashboards. It  seems to work for table/matrix visuals, but no for any other type  (the visuals in the gif are standard PBI visuals)

pinning bug.gif


Status: Accepted

Hi all,


We found similar cases reported by other colleagues internally. They have reported the issue and submitted it to the internal icm platform, No: 346379883.

Engineers will do their best to resolve the issue. I will update you here if there is any progress , please be patient.


Tested workaround : In Power BI Service edit mode untoggle title and retoggle title and save the report then we can pin the tile to dashboard.


Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

Regular Visitor

I am experiencing the same issue. For me, it worked for some bar charts, and not others. I tried different variations of bar charts to test, but I could not find a pattern. If it helps in troubleshooting, I am publishing the pbix using PBI running on Parellels' Windowns 11 installed on my Mac. Also, I tried pin visual, and it failed on both Chrome and Edge. This issue started happening lale October 2022. 

New Member

I'm having the same bug, I can only pin cards visuals, but the other ones is not possible.

Is this issue reported by Micrososft yet?

New Member

Hello, I also have the same issue since several weeks ago. The same type of the standard visual part, but two of them can't be pinned to the dashboard. Hope to fix it soon.

Helper II

Same issue here since November 02 2022. I was able to pin my graphs every month but only this time, it didnt work. Whats weird was I can pin bar charts, matrix and treemaps but not line graphs! I found a workaround from this conversation -

Hopefully, they fix it because it is a hassle to constantly remove the titles and add them back again in the tile. 

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @PaulDBrown ,


I tried to reproduce your problem but it didn't work.
Are you using the Power BI Service with login?
What is your Service version? Which cluster do you belong to?
Does changing browsers still have the problem?











Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn

Community Champion


"Are you using the Power BI Service with login?"

"What is your Service version? Which cluster do you belong to?"

I don't know what you mean by "Service version", and I do not know how to find my cluster. I'm geographically in Spain, if that helps
"Does changing browsers still have the problem?"
I only have Edge installed. However, this is not limited to my particular case. A number of users have reported the same issue in the forums. Here are two threads reporting the same behaviour: 


Frequent Visitor

Hi all,


I encountered the exact same issue this morning. Appears to be a recent bug but there is a workaround (answered in link below) which I've tested.


If you remove the title of your visual in your report and republish it, you will then be able to pin the visual to the dashboard.


Solved: Re: Pin Visual Not Working - Microsoft Power BI Community

Helper I

I am experiencing this same issue.  I had updated visuals and went to replace them on the dashboard and the updated visual will not pin.  I also cannot re-pin visuals that were not updated.

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Yes,I had a similar bug. I couldn't add chart type to the dashboard before, but today I can't even add text tiles. Can you help me solve it?
Regular Visitor

I am also experiencing this recently.


I created reports and visuals on PowerBI desktop app and published it to PBI service. When I go to my PBI Service report, chose a visual and tried to pin it to a dashboard, the following window pops up:


It does not show the visual preview as it usually does, and when I click "Pin" nothing happens. This is happening to bar/line combo charts and gauge chart. I can still pin card visuals no problem.


Please help resolve ASAP. Thank you.