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Persistent Filtering and Bookmarks Error

Since the "Persistent Filtering" feature was released a few months ago, my bookmarks that adjust visual selection (a.k.a visibility) is messed up.


Persistent Filtering will persist everything EXCEPT the visibility of an object. This is not with custom visuals! 


For example, if I have two bookmarks.  The first bookmark hides a slicer and the second shows the slicer. If I left the report  having last selected the bookmark that shows the slicer, then when I return the slicer will be hidden (if the default is the bookmark that hides the slicer). This screws up the functionality of the report when other things are being configured by a bookmark, and so bascially part of the bookmark is persisted, but visibility (a.k.a selection) is not.


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Hi @jdobrzen,


I have reported this issue internally: CRI 67679522. Will update here once I get any information. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Any update available?

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I have similar issue too. My dashboard has Report Level Filters not to display blanks values for 2  fields in all 4 pages using Advance Filtering option.

In that dashboard, I have a "Home Page" (with slicers and cards and buttons) and 3 other pages that are bookmarked to reflect data pertaining to different user requirements. On the home page,report level filters are working fine but when I navigate to the bookmark pages and come back to the homepage report level filters are getting reset to include blanks for 2 fields. I tried page level filters for those 2 fields in all the pages but when I navigate between the pages, filters are reset to include blanks. If someone has any suggestions, please let me know.



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Try this.

Start watching around 4:30. That should help. Just need to to uncheck data for the bookmark.

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Any update on this issue ?


I believe I have a similar problem: I have two bookmarks, hiding and showing some visuals. Let's say the default state is showing visual 1. If I leave the report with visual 1 hidden (other bookmark applied), then, when I come back, visual 1 is showing but the bookmarks won't work anymore. To let the bookmarks work again I have to press "Reset to default".


I am not sure it is the exact same issue as above, since my problem also arise when persistent filters are turned off... ?


Thank you for your help!




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Any update on this issue ?


I'm facing the same problem. Disabling persistent filter is not an option for my customers...


Do you have a solution

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I have the same issue. The default bookmark shows the default visibility of the visuals, while the persistent filters retain the filters and other data view changes that you have made previously.

We need persistent filters to retain the visibility of the visuals as well.

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Hi Microsoft,


Can you please give us an update on this issue (CRI 67679522)?


This is really problematic for us.


I am using standard date slicers, flipping the visibility using bookmarks, but after having nagivated away and back to the page, the bookmark selection is retained but not the visibility of the slicers. It's making the report unusable for the department. I cannot uncheck data for the bookmarks, as that needs to be checked for this usecase (different bookmarks are defaulting slicers to different dates).


Cheers, Donna.

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Please fix