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PBI app slow data load

Recently our team has been experiencing issues with refreshing/loading data on pbi app. Usually it takes less than 30 seconds but now it is taking much longer (especially yesterday). Are there any updates that would cause the performance issue? Or any recommendation how we can optimize our reports? Thank you!

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New Member

Same here. When opening file in the pbi app we are seeing lengthy delays with the message "please wait while we establish a connection to the power bi service" that we've not seen before.  

Regular Visitor

We're seeing the same thing. This started around 11th Novemeber. Queries that took a few seconds to come back now taking upwards of two minutes. 

Not applicable

Same here. also Memory consumption is really high. 

Community Support

Hi everyone,


This might be a temporary issue. If it persists, just create a support ticket for assistance. Besides, you may take a good look at Optimization guide for Power BI.

Helper I

Same here.

Power BI reporting got slower since November and CPU usage increased unexpectly. We cannot understand what caused this change of behaviour.