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Organization Users can't view a report that they have access to (and they have PRO licenses)

Hi all


We're having an issue with some users not being able to view reports that they have access to. Other users have the same access rights, and cna view the report fine, but they can't. Also, we've checked and they all have PRO licenses. Below is the error that we get when the user tries to access the report:




What could be the issue here? This user is on a Premium per User trial that is expiring, but as mentioned, they do have a Pro license that is active.

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try it again later.
If the Report is in an Premium Workspace (Diamond beside Workspacename) Pro Users can't enter it. To enter Premium Workspaces you need Premium Per User License or Premium Capacity.


Community Support


According to your description, I think you should first check if you have assigned a PPU capacity to the workspace that contains the report. If the workspace is in the PPU capacity, they will not be accessible to your report anymore if their PPU license is expiring.


For more info, please check this document:


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating