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OData Feed - Failed to update data source credentials

I create a report on Power BI Desktop with a Project Online Odata feed as data source.

I can connect and update from PBI Desktop without any problems.


However, when i publish it to Power BI, and go to Schedule Refresh, i get this error under Data Source Credentials:


When i try to edit the credentials, i set to OAuth2 and enter the correct credentials but i got the error below:



 I'm pretty sute that the correct authentication method to Odata feed is OAuth2, but i tried the other methods and got the same error


 I'm not able to update the credentials in any situation. I've tryied to republish the reports, create a new one from scratch but i got always the same situation.


Best Regards,


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his issue exists since end of November 2016 and this exact issue never appeared there... Only similar issues

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Just to update, i still got the same error.

Is there any update on this? My client is in doubt if Power BI is really reliable.

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I have the same issue.  The report refreshes fine in PowerBI Desktop but when published, the published version has the above mentioned problem


Any ideas?


Andrew Payze

Advocate III

I still experience this issue. However I might have some information to help troubleshooting.


This error only occurs when I specify the language code in the OData feed.


OK: https://****

ERROR: https://****[en-us]


Because I don't want to use our regional default settings (Dutch), I want to specify [en-us] to retrieve the English named table columns.


Please do fix this issue!

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Hi Alexander


Thanks for this tip.  I did try this, however it still failed for me. 




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Hi everyone, From all these past communications and others, still having the same error on OData refresh! Is there any workaround out there to get at least a daily refresh of my reports connected to OData. In my case, I did edit the Query in PowerBI Desktop and the refresh from the home Ribbon works just fine. Now after pushing to PowerBI services and schedule a refresh returns the commented error:"OData Feed - Failed to update data source credentials. Any workaround or suggestions are highly appreciated! Thanks a lot! Walter
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Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved because we are expereincing smilar issues.


Again workaround or suggestions much appreciated...


Thank you.



Resolver III

I am having this issue as well