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May 2021 Gateway Error: SharePoint: Request failed: The underlying connection was closed.

Some where around May 13th, all of our datasets that connect to SharePoint O365 started failing with the following message: Unable to connect to the data source undefined. (Details below). On May 16th we upgraded our gateway to the latest May 2021 gateway which was version 3000.82.2 (Maybe .4) and everything worked for a couple of days. Then on the 19th we noticed it was failing again. We noticed that the gateway download for May 2021 had a new release and was now at version 3000.82.6. So we downloaded and installed and it seemd to resolve the issue. However, we are still seeing it fail. This morning it failed, so then I was able to manually refresh and it worked, however, it just failed again for the scheduled refresh and a manual refresh is also not working. Ideas? Thoughts? What's going on? Not sure what to do. 



Underlying error code:-2147467259
Underlying error message:SharePoint: Request failed: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.
Activity ID:0b95ab8e-3780-4df9-9af1-7d2edd5cfd55
Request ID:1464c48e-1da5-ed3e-d5a3-956abbbc3971
Time:2021-05-21 21:42:35Z
Status: New
New Member

Hi, Do you have any update on this?


We are having the same issue for a couple of months since May.


We've already upgraded the gateway, check TLS version on the server.




New Member

Hi Christian, you have to add the cipher suites i mentioned. then it will work.

you can check this with iiscrypto.