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Matrix Visual Horizontal scroll does not work (Power BI Jan 2019 Report Server)

As seen here, the Horizontal scroll does not work in the Matrix Visual. (Neither normal view, or full screen view). This happens every time there is a significative number of fields added to the Visual.


The issue is happening on Power BI Desktop Jan 2019 Report Server compatible version.


Cannot Scroll Matrix VIsual.gif


Status: Accepted
New Member


Is there any solution? I'm having same issue in PowerBI component available as Sharepoint component. 

There is lack of horizontal slider.


EDIT: i've find out that slicer is not available for report visualised with Custom size less than 700 px.
Is there any option to adjust it? and make space of report smaller. 

Thank you for support!

New Member

it's a stupide feature , and it's a stupide response, and there is no solution for this problem even after 4 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Advocate I

I subimitted as new ideas, hope we get something this time.